Table 7.5.3. Weed response to selective postemergence herbicides

Trade name Dandelion Clover Ground Ivy Violet Plantain
Buctril E E F F G
*†Confront F-G E G G E
Cool Power E G E G E
*†ΔLontrel G E P - F
*†Millennium Ultra 2 E E E G E
Powerzone E E G G E
Speedzone E E G G E
*†Spotlight E E E E
*†ΔSurge E E F F E
Trimec Classic E E F F E
*Turflon E E E E G
2,4-D Amine E P P P G

E= excellent (>85% control)
G=good (75-85% control)
F=fair (65-75% control)
P=poor (<65% control)

* Restricted-use pesticide; may be purchased and used only by certified applicators or used by someone under the supervision of a certified applicator.
† Not for use in Nassau and Suffolk Counties
Δ Rate and/or other application restrictions apply in New York State. See label for more information.